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Top of the World Store now sits about 1/2 way between Island and Beartooth Lakes along Hwy 212. The store was built on Beartooth Lake directly across from the boat ramp in 1934--2 years before the completion of the Beartooth Highway. The forest service wanted the store moved to it's present location and this was done at the end of the 1964 summer season..


Your hosts have been: 

1934-1946: Dominic Marino

1947-1963: G.L. and Erline Ashburn

Moved to present location in 1964

1964-1968: Price and Elaine Truitt

1969-1978: Jack and Sharon Truitt

1979-2000: Phil and Carol Napoli

2001-present: Bart and Kristi Milam

      May 23, 1953 at Beartooth Lake