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Top of the World Store now sits about 1/2 way between Island and Beartooth Lakes along Hwy 212.



The resort is 38 miles from Red Lodge, Montana & 25 Miles from Cooke City, Montana. General Phillip Sheridan conducted the first official survey of the area in August 1882.

The store was built on Beartooth Lake directly across from the boat ramp in 1934--2 years before the completion of the Beartooth Highway in 1936. The forest service wanted the store moved to it's present location and the move was completed at the end of the 1964 summer season.

Two Danes built the store in 1934. Erline and G. L. Ashburn were proprietors of the Top of the World Store for 17 Years starting in 1947. Elaine and Price Truitt met the Ashburns in 1957 and later took over the store in May of 1964 along with Sharon and Jack Truitt.. The Forest Service then wanted the store moved to it's present location along Hwy 212. A foundation was built for the store and Mr. Prinkie of Roberts, MT was hired to move the store at the end of the Summer.

In 1965 the Motel Unit was built and the living area was enlarged. Price and Elaine Truitt gave the store to Sharon and Jack Truitt in 1969. The store was then sold to Phil & Carol Napoli in 1979 and they took over the business.

In 2001 the Napoli's sold the Top of The World Resort to Kristi and Bart Milam. The Milams along with their children: Marissa, Jarrett, Tucker & Baxter have run the store until the current date.

Along the Beartooth Highway, the Top of The World Resort is the only place to get souvenirs, soda, supplies and gas.

It is a common sight to see tourists throwing snow balls and enjoying some Summer Skiing in July and August along the Beartooth Highway. The area near the Top of The World resort offers views of incredible landscapes, alpine scenery, and hundreds of mountain lakes. Wildflowers include: Indian Paintbrush, buttercups, lupine, arrowleaf balsamroot, forget-me-nots, and several others. Wildlife sightings include: mountain goats, bighorn sheep, black bears, grizzly bears, mule deer and many more. There are numerous hiking trails in the area. People enjoy this area for a variety of reasons: driving for pleasure, hiking, camping, backpacking, hunting, bird watching, fishing, snowmobiling and skiing. It is often observed that it can be around 100° in Billings and yet be in the 50's at the Bearttoth Pass. The Beartooth Pass is closed to cars in the winter (October to May), but is often groomed for snowmobiles. The Beartooth Highway has often been described as our nations most beautiful highway.



Your hosts have been: 

1934-1946: Dominic Marino

1947-1963: G.L. and Erline Ashburn

Moved to present location in 1964

1964-1968: Price and Elaine Truitt

1969-1978: Jack and Sharon Truitt

1979-2000: Phil and Carol Napoli

2001-present: Bart and Kristi Milam

      May 23, 1953 at Beartooth Lake